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Aarambh ’19 – The Festival of SITM

The astounding activities which were organized for us in the beginning by Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management and the students of our senior batch during and following the induction period made us comfortable with the beautiful environment here at the Lavale campus in no time. It was a very new experience for all of us and we started learning about new possibilities from the very first day.

Aarambh The Cultural Festival

Aarambh is the cultural festival of Symbiosis International (Deemed University) and the hype was clearly visible when the auditions were announced and everyone from our batch was looking forward to it. Auditions for Aarambh were also the place where I came across outstanding talent which was showcased by our batch. It ended up being a great starter to gel with my batch mates. Apart from academic achievements, people possess a lot of capabilities and in the auditions, the enthusiasm made it absolutely clear that the event was going to be a blockbuster. Acting, dancing, singing, beatboxing, rap, you name it and we had people who are perfectly capable in their art form. People from different geographies and cultures were performing together and the mix was mesmerizing.

The Nailbiting Selections

The selection process happened and the best talent was selected to perform in the magnificent event for which every one of us was waiting for. And then began the practice sessions, my fellow students worked as hard as they work on their academics and practiced continuously for hours every day for a period of one month approximately. They were so indulged in the whole exercise that they were making all of us eager for the astoundingly exciting day, the arrival of which made everyone more eager as the time passed.

D Day

Then the day arrived, the starting time was 5:00 PM but the students from every institute of the Lavale campus started gathering outside the venue (auditorium) from an hour ago and it made wonder that the excitement and eagerness has crossed every level possible and it seemed that we’re going to witness a remarkable day full of joy and amusement. For many, it was a whole new experience and they just kept a hold of their breath anticipating the awesomeness which they were going to experience in the coming hour or so.

Journey Of Yin Yang

Every year a theme is decided and the participants from each institute portray their performance around the theme to explain various aspects through which a person can think or visualize about that theme. This year the theme was “Yin and Yang”, it is a complex, relational concept in Chinese culture that has developed over thousands of years. Briefly put, the meaning of yin and yang is that the universe is governed by a cosmic duality, sets of two opposing and complementing principles or cosmic energies that can be observed in nature.

Coming to the performances, each institute was allotted a fixed amount of time for their show and they had to showcase the perfect blend of their talent in that precious little time they had. SIT (Symbiosis Institute of Technology) came first and they really had those skills which made everyone even more eager for the following performances, especially their musicians were magnificent, they showcased an astounding performance. Then the other institutes raised the bar even higher, SSBS (Symbiosis School of Biological Sciences) portrayed a very special program in which the life of defense personnel was depicted from the very initial stage till his time comes to an end.


With the crowds cheering and roaring the enthusiasm was clearly visible and finally the wait was over when our superb hosts who kept us entertained between the performances called the name SITM and the sound of our voices started echoing in the auditorium with excitement and enthusiasm with a want to see the hard work of our colleagues pay off at last.

The storyline of the play SITM was a bit different from other institutes and the performance revolved around the fact that whatever you do wrong eventually pays off.  The whole act revolved around two characters named Arun and Prabha who are friends and Arun is madly in love with her. One day he invites her and her home planning to propose her when suddenly 20 years from now Arun and 40 years from now arrived magically to disturb the whole situation and asked the real Arun to not propose the love of his life. The argument which they both had was putting forward was that Prabha is going to ruin his life in the future, this eventually led to Arun killing himself at that very spot, which changed Prabha’s life and eventually leads her to kill herself too. The performance was a mix of dance, acting, music, rap, and drama.

The whole act was up to our expectations, it was nail-biting performance and every component of it was magnificent and mesmerizing. The crowd was cheering with joy for the performers. The whole show was a journey which everyone enjoyed and cherished.

After SITM, the performances of SIBM and SIMC followed. They were also as good as every other act showcased in the Aarambh. In the end, we had a delicious dinner specially organized for the day which made our day even more fabulous. This festival of our university was something which we will never forget and we made a memory worth cherishing for a lifetime.

Shared By- Swapnil Dalal

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