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public cloud innovations

Business innovation during COVID with public cloud

Business innovation during COVID with public cloud- Mr. Sashi Tripathi

Mr. Shashi Tripathi, A Business Manager with over 18 years of experience in Sales and Business Development, Account Management, Operations and Project Management, Channel Management in the IT industry. He has worked for OnMobile Global Limited, Oracle India Private Limited, and currently is working at Google India Pvt. Ltd. as Partner Sales Manager. Mr. Shashi delivered a talk on “Business innovation during COVID with public cloud” for second-year students. He had given a brief view of how his school and engineering life was when it boils down to academics. He mentions that in reality there is no such thing as a work-life balance, everything worth fighting for unbalances your life but on the other hand, one should also strive to maintain the required balance. The final year episode he had where he had taken up a job was a turning point in his life.

Hack or Jugad is The Key to Innovation

public cloud innovations

As Mr. Shashi is working for a behemoth, he often comes across the term innovation, hacks or so to say ‘Jugad’; and he does inform us how they seem to be the same the but they are quite different on the contrary. He specifies that innovation would be a scalable idea and a hack is usually not. To understand this we were given an example of recent news of a vending machine for pani-puri this surely would be an innovation if this could or would have scaled to a certain extend. A pool of configurable computing resources working on a remote location and connected by the internet would help us use the networking, computing, and storage capabilities which are usually absent on a traditional desktop or laptop. Security, control, shared responsibilities between the customer and CSP are looked into.

Public Cloud is future Proof

Public cloud is technologically future proof, adaptive, and capabilities in use for the end-user can be scaled exponentially. Public cloud is an innovation of its kind as it helps focus on business and not on IT operations, various financial models available for the usage of its resources, secure, resources are configurable, it is globally scalable, and meets many compliances necessary for operating in highly regulated sectors too. Examples given were the digital natives on the cloud, Tata Steel – Data Lake for 14 manufacturing plants on the cloud, L&T financials using this technology for fast loan procedures and disbursement on loans, Tata Sky having its OTT platform on Cloud and Metro having consolidated its 100 SAP instances on 1 cloud.

COVID-19 has accelerated Digital uptake

During the COVID period, one must have seen the rise of usage of the digital technologies and so has the demand, usage for the cloud has risen. A few of the many instances we had seen during the COVID period were schools, colleges, organizations, governments utilizing cloud services available in the market to enhance their policy of function from remote location effectively. We have also seen the rise of Curefit for its workouts go online, Sharechat taking the advantage of the absence of Tik Tok, Banks like ICICI, HDFC etc using the technology for e-KYC and video KYC. Disney Hotstar too going to lengths to make the entertainment content available at your will on your devices at any time of the day. Other topics that Mr. Shashi felt to apprise us about were ecosystem developing on the Public Cloud; multi, hybrid, and community cloud for which he gave us an eyeshot for the important concepts like containers, microservices, and Anthos. The power of data which can be used to transform companies and last be not the least the four internets which would shape tomorrow’s Public Cloud were drill-down discussions during the talk as one also needed a bird’s eye view for getting a holistic understanding. Basic but important implementations done by Indus Tower to check the theft of the fuel in their generators at the sites would be not less than innovation. A quick rundown for the stringent laws and regulations, which are in place for the technologies related to healthcare, financial and banking sectors.

The entire webinar was interactive and Mr. Shashi surely made it interesting by giving unique real-life examples and experiences with the students.


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