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Communiqué2020- 2K20

Communiqué – The Flagship Event of SIDTM

Communiqué, as the name implies is a ‘unique event organized by the international Telecom seminar committee of Symbiosis Institute of Digital and Telecom Management (SIDTM Pune). It is the flagship event of the institute which marks a legacy of many years and is the most awaited program amongst the students, where they get a once in a lifetime opportunity to interact with the best leaders of the country and gain raw recommendations and hand-picked perspectives on the recent industrial trends from these industrial giants along with insights about the managerial traits, the world is looking for in a good leader, to make a positive impact in our society!

“Every crisis has both its dangers and its opportunities. Each can spell either salvation or doom.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

It was a two-day event which was more special this year…why? because this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we leveraged the opportunity to take our event to a next level, by conducting it virtually….after all, it was our time to show the world how a techno-managerial B-school uniquely leverages digital transformation! The Platform was infallible and user-friendly containing guidelines for a hassle-free webinar and the dashboard also had other fun options to explore apart from the video sessions by the panelists. There were interesting yet mindboggling contests like Trivia, deciphering the image to suggest a caption for it, and a shutter patch which involved uploading a photograph of adoption of new normal by the students. All the faculty, as well as the student driven committees- WebnTech, Brandcom, and others, put their heart and soul, along with weeks of sleepless nights determined by the vigour and vitality to make this flagship event of ours, a huge success.

The Communiqué Fever-2K20

Just a day before Holi- the festival of colors in India, the virtual Communique with its success came out with flying colors and created a new history for SIDTM.  The event started with the Welcome and Inaugural session wherein a quick journey of SIDTM and the past Communique  #Josh was displayed in front of us. To grace the event Panelist from all across India were invited:  Mr. Chandrasekhar Panda- Associate partner- Digital and Core Tech, McKinsey & Company,  Mr. Digwanta Chakraborty- India Talent Acquisition Head-Technology, Digital & Analytics-Digital BCG (APAC), Mr. Sahil Nayar- Sr. Associate Director HR- KPMG, Mr. Pradeep Saini- APAC Director, Digital Transition and Transformation-IBM, Mr. Arun Karna- MD and CEO, AT&T Global Network Services India Pvt, Ltd., Mr. Madhav Seth- Vice President, Realme,  to name a few. The tone for the day was set by touching upon trending issues like COVID-19 Reverberation on business, The sculpting of telecom and digital technologies, 5G prospects, Workforce Dynamics and Transitioning experiences, and how to establish trust in evolving security landscape.

Leadership Lessons- Turning Theory into Concrete Practice

 The discussions imparted the students a broader perspective of the corporate world and taught us how adept these leaders are at managing complexities of real-world issues and how their positions serve as the backbone of all instructional, operational as well as and community initiatives. This reminds me of a famous quote by William Albert Allard- “You have to care. You cannot do good work if you do not care. That’s not necessarily a strength, but gives YOU strength.”

“NEW + NEXT Normal = NEO Normal”

 To summarise the key takeaway for the students of SIDTM, was majorly how different businesses are adapting to this “neo- normal” a term capsuled by Mr. Sahil Nayar which is the combination of McKinsey’s coined term ‘New Normal’ and the ‘Next Normal’ to be, in this VUCA world, by understanding various factors as discussed in the events like- the cyber-attackers pattern pre and post COVID, making 5G available as early as possible by leveraging data as our new currency, zero trust policy of cyber defense, Talent acquisition from anywhere across the world and collaboration, how much should technology be utilized for optimum productivity, giving importance to emotional well being of your colleagues and employees, the seismic shift which the pandemic has created to accelerate the adoption of technology because of which people should be upskilling themselves and making more efforts in driving innovation, and many more. Such valuable insights will act as paramount to the advancement of every student’s career and we are highly indebted to the panelists for their contribution in guiding us.

Seizing the moment, until next time!

2020 was unpredictable and so is 2021, however, the one thing that SIDTM made sure was that the legacy of communiqué should not be compromised and continued as flawlessly as it was in the past years and hence the event turned out to be an unforgettable one which will be marked in the history of SIDTM and will stay as a good vibe day in the hearts of SIDTMians forever! #ProudSIDTMians

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