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Connected Cars

In the world of Internet of Things, Smart Cities and exponentially growing traffic on roads, the concepts of Connected Cars and Autonomous Vehicles are gaining popularity day-by-day.

What is a Connected Car?

A Connected Car is a car with built in on-board sensors, which is connected to the outside world via Internet, where all the things that go with in the car are connected all the time. This enhances the in-car experience of the users.

Connected Cars Avoid Traffic, Find Parking and talk to other cars. Real Time traffic updates also suggests Route Changes. Suppose you’re driving around the city and you want to know where the empty parking spot is. When your car is connected to Internet, the parking meter will tell you where the empty parking spot is and you can go and park.
Also, all the other multimedia applications are available through internet which can be used by the car drivers or other occupants while travelling. You can play online games, connect to online TV, do instant messaging, or trade online while travelling in a connected car. Advanced infotainment systems and a fast connection to the wireless network are the two prominent features that potentially enhance the market growth.
Connected Cars also deliver services like:

• Driving Analysis: This service collects and analyzes the driving data of the cars/vehicles, which can help the driver to predict the best route at a given time. This also provides the video analysis of the car’s traffic violations.

• Infotainment: This service provides the best info and entertainment to the user, sitting in the car on a single-click.

• Self-Driving Enablement: This developing service aims to provide a driverless feature in the car, which makes the car an Autonomous Vehicle.

These service deliveries are made possible by a smart software architecture which is supported by Car Hardware along with the sensors and controllers.The software architecture of Connected Cars has 3 major components:

• Connected Car Gateway (CCG): This serves as a gateway for the car to connect to the outside world.

• Cloud Servers: These serve by computing and analyzing the data generated/received by the car, providing back the insights to the user about that data.

• Smartphone Applications: These provide an interface to connect to the car via smartphones. These apps allow a user to interact with the car over internet to perform variety of operations like switching on the AC of the car 5 minutes prior to the start of journey or locating the car in the parking space.

Automobile Market’s future belongs to Connected Cars

According to PwC reports, the global Connected Car market which was31 billion USD in 2015, is estimated to reach 113 billion USD by 2020, at a CAGR of 29% for the forecasted period.

The market is particularly more in United States, where more than 35% of the connected cars have been sold till today.

Implementation of Connected Cars

European and American automobile markets did enjoy a lot of success in Connected Cars implementation, owing to the high demand of Connected Cars in the respective markets and government policies which eased the implementation. Ford, General Motors, Tesla, and other automobile giants, developed their own Connected Car platform, partnering with many IT companies. Ford, for an instance, created Ford Transportation Mobility Cloud, a platform that is meant to connect Cars and Cities together.

Indian Connected Car market is relatively in the embryonic phase, where the automakers need to keep in mind a lot factors like: Cost effectiveness, Market Building, Infrastructure Building, High Traffic in Metro Cities, and also the Government Support. But yes, the Connected Carsmarket growth prediction creates a great opportunity for Automobile Industry in India for the coming five to seven years. Indian Automakers have started developing their cars slowly towards Connected Cars. Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd technology platform DiGiSense is an example of it.
Thus, Connected Car market will thrive in the coming years if the Automobile companies, IT Enablers and Internet Service Providers work together towards creating world class Connected Car models.

– Shantanu Rastogi

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