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Experience and Learning As A Forensics Intern

Summers As A Forcenics intern With A Consulting Company

It is the dream of every management student to intern with a consulting company and I was lucky to have had this opportunity. I worked as a Forensics intern under the Financial Advisory wing of the company. The Forensics team provided consulting services on matters related to frauds, prevention, and detection of fraud or misconducts, addressing non-regulatory compliances and strengthening the legal position of clients. I majorly worked on the fraud investigation process during my internship, where I had to help my team in finding key information regarding fraudulent practices in clients’ organizations and reporting them. This entire fraud investigation is done to answer questions pertaining to what had happened, how the fraud happened, the quantum of the fraud, persons involved and how to plug the gap. I assisted the team throughout this process.

Fresher and a Sea Of Learning

Being a fresher, I considered that it was a pre-requisite for me to be a quick learner when I join the company so that I can help them from day one. Also, companies coming to campuses are looking for students who are problem-solvers and who can bring value to their businesses. This is exactly what SIDTM (Formerly SITM) is doing, preparing students to solve complex real-life business problems, create value and generate revenue for companies. The course curriculum of SIDTM (Formerly SITM) helped me vastly during my internship as my work was across verticals and industry. Coming from a commerce background, SIDTM’S technological inputs was a great boost for me as I understood the importance and relevance of technology in my internship as companies are leveraging technology to become better every day. It is of vital importance for interns to have a good relationship with their mentors. The learnings from the mentors and their feedback are what a student should take as a key input in becoming managers and leaders in the future. I always went to my mentor for feedbacks and it was immensely helpful for me.

Opportunity in Various Domains

While working on the projects, I had the opportunity to learn general sales processes followed by manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies. In addition to this, I also learnt the loopholes that are available in sales processes in these industries that lead to frauds to take place in the first place. Analyzing the loopholes and ensuring lapses in these areas does not arise was one of my deliverables. I also leant about Digital Forensics during my internship. Digital forensics primarily refers to the process of finding, collecting, processing, analysing and presenting Electronically Stored Information (ESI) in a manner that is accepted as evidence in court proceedings. Primarily, the work was related to evidence securing/acquisition. Scanning through ESI to find relevant information to proceed with the case further was the objective. Forensic Technology Lab does the computer forensics task using software and tools that reduces the quantum of ESI to an extent using filters such as keywords, dates and type of files. Once the lab has completed the computer forensics part, the forensic team starts reviewing the ESI to find out relevant information regarding fraud. After Level 1 review of files are completed, the ESI that were found relevant is further screened and scrutinised in Level 2 review to negate the false positive files.

The Internship Helped Me Immensely

It was indeed a great learning phase for me as I stepped into a corporate for the very first time. I would be lying if I had to say that there were no challenges in these 2 months, but learning to make these challenges to opportunities is what will elevate us. Analyzing tasks using metrics, KPI’s and having a comprehensive view of things are the two most important key learnings that I learned which will be crucial for the dynamic future jobs. I would like to thank SITM for providing me a platform to work with one of the renowned companies. The right attitude of approaching a task and performing it is something that I will be taking with me forever and I’m grateful to have learned this during my internship.

Ashok B (Analytics and Finance)

Forensics Intern


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