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How an MBA from SIDTM Opens Doors to Rewarding Job Opportunities?

With the industry continually evolving with the latest technologies and ever-changing trends, the demand for skilled professionals is witnessing an exponential rise. Various MBA programmes help in nurturing the required skills in their students that aids in securing some of the best job profiles in the industry. One such course is MBA in Digital and Telecom Management offered by SIDTM. With specializations like marketing and finance, systems and finance and analytics and finance, this course is known to extend its traditional boundaries of teaching by including case studies, assignments, and mock presentations in the curriculum.

An MBA in Digital and Telecom Management hones both managerial and technical abilities in students, empowering them to meet the challenges of the future industry. This, in return, helps in diminishing the lack of professionals in this domain by making students industry-ready. Let’s look at some fields that are facing a huge demand for skilled experts lately and how an MBA from SIDTM can help in bridging this gap-

Banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI)

According to a report by Infosys Finacle, only 17% of retail banks have deployed digital at scale. The report showed that while most banks expect versatility, advanced analytics, and open banking APIs to reshape their business in the coming year, banks are not ready to apply these technologies to create the expected results. With the emergence of cryptocurrency, AI, and other significant technological trends, the BFSI sector faces a huge gap in the demand and supply for skills professionals. To be able to integrate these technologies into existing businesses, this sector needs to employ specialists in this domain. 

Digital transformation– According to IDC, 85% of business decision-makers say they have just two years to make significant incursions into digital transformation, or they will fall behind their competitors and suffer financially. It also states that about 40% of all technology expenses will go toward digital transformations. Organizations are witnessing the need to focus on creating digital solutions for both employees and customers. The rising need for digital transformation in almost all sectors calls for an increase in the demand for skilled professionals. An MBA in the same hones the most in-demand abilities in students and makes them ready to face the challenges that come with the new wave of digital transformation.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)– Along with other industries, the ICT sector is now experiencing a digital transformation. With the arrival of IoT, AI, 5G, machine learning, and several other technologies, the ICT sector is continuously trying to revamp their business models so that they remain at par with the market trends. As per a report by IBEF.org, the number of internet subscribers in the country is expected to double by 2021 and reach 829 million. With such an enormous growth predicted for the future, many organizations have embarked on the digital journey. The need for abled professionals in the industry is also expected to grow as companies strive to face the challenges of the digital era and meet the rising customer demand.

Transportation and Logistics market– According to a report by Adroit Market Research, digital transformation in the transportation and logistics sector is expected to hit $14.25 billion by 2025. With the increase in the economy of this domain, optimization, speed, and timing are the key to quality performance. To effectively achieve business objectives in accordance with the recent digital trends, companies in this sector require to update their IT systems. As most industries are connected to the logistics sector directly or indirectly, the demand for experts in this domain has increased multifold. Firms are looking to employ skilled experts who possess the latest digital knowledge and hands-on experience with tools. 

With the emergence of new technologies and trends in the market, the need for proficient professionals has risen to new heights. While organizations strive to improve their performance by adopting these trends, the employment opportunities in various sectors are witnessing enormous growth. Aiming to nurture the most in-demand skills in students, SIDTM’s MBA programme is the ideal option for students who wish to pursue a career in the digital and telecom industry.

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