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SIDTM students in Nation Level competition

How SIDTM helped us in achieving Success

SIDTM Students Excel In National level B-School competition At N.L. Dalmia Institute of Management and Research

“If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.”

At SIDTM, students from different streams and cities unite. We have various committees and clubs to match every interest; be it Management, Marketing, Finance, Designing or Technology. Our college has been increasingly embedding structured competitions into the curriculum in order to foster some of the motivational benefits of competition and simulate common conditions. Such competitions – where we are required to offer valuations of private businesses, assess the viability of merger or acquisition offers, propose placement of private equity, or plan for new business ventures – raise the stakes for us by making us demonstrate mastery of advanced business principles for audiences that include recruiters, alumni, professors, and global business executives. Writing a research paper is part of our curriculum at the Symbiosis Institute of Digital And Telecom Management. All of us are encouraged from day one to follow the path of research.

Extremely Supportive Faculty Helped Mentor Us

A few months back I, Rashika Agrawal with my teammate Himanshu Ranjan Tiwari applied for a National level B-School competition based on writing a Research paper on “The impact of AI in Human Resource Management” at the N.L. Dalmia Institute of Management and Research. The competition was of 3 stages, the first round was research paper submission, after which top 5 teams were called to the institute’s Mumbai campus to give a presentation, followed by a Question & Answer round. When we informed our faculty Dr. Pramod Damle about the participation, he was readily available to help us throughout the writing of this paper. Upon applying, we never thought we would end up winning the runner up prize for the competition. The purpose of applying to this competition was to learn, to test our position in comparison to other B-School students and to play on our forte that is technology. Dr.Pramod Damle motivated and helped us to win. The mentoring done by faculty to help us represent the college at National level competitions is a move that further helps us explore our potential and become leaders of the future.

Learning The Ropes Of Research

Our paper included secondary research on Artificial Intelligence, traditional HRM and how these evolving technologies are significantly changing the way organizations function. We as a team tried to write and present our paper in the context of the real-world scenario. That gave us the boost to include real use cases of AI into HRM from different verticals including IBM, Wal-Mart and other IT organizations that keep a track on employee performance and productivity with the help of technologies like AI.

SIDTM students in Nation Level competition

With the blessings of our Director, Prof. Abhijit Chirputkar and Deputy Director, Prof. Giri Hallur, we went ahead in the competition and won. It was a different experience to represent our college at such a big platform in front of a different audience and then coming back with Trophies in our hands.

Right from going to the competition, representing our esteemed institute, standing on the stage with confidence and then winning it; all this was a part of the delightful journey that we experienced which gave us motivation for life. We now know that technology is the key player in today’s era. All organizations are deeply involved in strengthening their technology and the students of SIDTM being techno-managers can play around it to be the future leaders.

-Himanshu Tiwari

Batch 2018-2020


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