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How SITM Helps You Carve a Successful Career Path After Graduation

After four long years of graduation, one question that lingers in several minds is- what next? Should I pursue a postgraduate degree or should I start looking for jobs? If such questions are bothering you too, remember, you aren’t alone. After graduating, individuals are often confused about how to move forward. To help you out and such students, we have created a blog to help you understand why you should pursue an MBA programme from SITM, which ranks 4th amongst the top colleges for MBA in Pune. Keep reading to learn the perks of signing up for a master’s programme right after graduation, and how it will help you carve a successful career path.

1. Learn what the industry wants

The corporate industry is evolving faster than ever. Today, it is on a hunt for individuals who do not just have technical expertise but also the ability to communicate effectively, think critically, come up with innovative solutions, motivate others, and have a growth mindset. One way to develop all of these skills and still have technical knowledge is through an MBA programme from SITM. 

We have designed our curriculum, keeping in mind the industry requirements. This means, after graduating from SITM, your knowledge and skills will match the market standards and increase your chances of working with the best companies out there.

2. Become a jack of all trades

Initially, an MBA programme was all about specialising in one subject such as Finance, IT, or Marketing. For instance, this type of MBA programme could help you acquire the full-fledged knowledge and skills required in the financial domain. But, what about areas required to run a company? 

Owing to the changing requirements, it has become imperative for institutes to offer their students with something more. 

This is where an MBA course which includes industry-relevant subject comes in the picture. SITM’s MBA course, for instance, also incorporates subjects related to technology, analytics & finance. Thus, ensuring you acquire the most desired skills of today, tomorrow & the foreseeable future. 

Some of these subjects include – : 

  • Wireless Technologies 
  • Cyber-security 
  • Business Analytics 
  • Visual Analytics 
  • R Programming 
  • Digital Marketing 
  • Social Media Analytics 
  • MBA in Analytics and Finance 

These subjects, along with core management topics in marketing & finance ensure high placements & rewarding careers for our students.

3. Street smart> book smart

As mentioned earlier, being book smart isn’t enough; the industry wants street smart individuals. This means you should know how and what to take from your previous experiences, good or bad, think about it, and learn to improve from it. And, this is not just limited to what you have studied during your graduation. 

By being street smart, you will learn how to tackle difficult situations, adapt to new surroundings, take risks, and grow more as an individual. At SITM, we aim to nurture this type of individuals. Along with academics, we host regular seminars, industrial visits, sports fests, internships and more. Such activities can help you undergo new experiences, expand your network, learn something new and more.

4. Upgrade your resume

According to a report published in the Economic Times, the MBA talent has continued to be a key driver of India’s growth story. This is because graduates from top MBA institutes in India have the expertise and skills to rise above from the mundane and bring something new to the table. 

By completing an MBA programme from our institute, you can get the opportunity to evolve into such an individual. With a blend of technical knowledge and managerial aptitude, your resume is bound to stand out from the crowd. 

Towards the end of this programme, you can get a chance to work for industry giants such as Accenture Services, Airtel, Amdocs, Axis Risk Consulting, Cognizant, Infosys Ltd, Tata Consultancy Services, Tech Mahindra, Atos, EY, etc. Based on our previous placement report, we witnessed a 100 % placement record, with the highest package of Rs. 21,00,000 LPA. If you are willing to work with any of these companies and earning a generous salary package, it is time to start considering SITM. 

All in all, an MBA programme is an effective way to help you evolve into a personality the industry is looking for. Once you have what it takes to outshine in the competitive industry, you are likely to lead a thriving career in a field that interests you the most. 

We hope this blog has helped you understand why you should sign up for this programme at SITM, the best Symbiosis college for MBA. Stay tuned with our blog section to learn more about our institute, specialisations, life after MBA and more.


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