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IoT – Back to The Future

Now a days the whole globe is revolving around the concept of IOT. Every industry wants to make the maximum use of this technology so that they can minimize the efforts involved. However, if experts are to be believed then the “maximum is yet to come”. Experts say” that what we are using today is only ten percent of IOT.

However increasing demand of digitization is becoming one of biggest contributor in emergence of IOT. If researches are to be believed then in the next five years almost twenty one billion IOT devices are to be installed. This is five times greater then the last year. Real estate is one of the biggest IOT user. The increasing demand of smart homes is the new thing in real estate and IOT can make this demand possible.

The concept of IOT depends on connection or connecting things. Connecting cars or interlinked cars is one of the splendid success of IOT and next is connected homes. All most every country whether developed or developing is doing research on IOT and its applications.


Sensors is another branch of IOT. It can be installed to almost everything living or non-living. Use of sensors increases the utility of device and make it more digitized. In fact sensors can be installed in human body so as to detect any malfunctioning in human body. Precisely speaking, in next 5 years IOT will submit its presence in almost every field. The present estimation of IOT is expected to be 4.6 billion and in 2020 the estimate is going to cross 20,000 billion IOT units.


Imagine a world where you can instruct your home appliances to operate on your voice. All most 3000 billion units installed 632 billion are cross industry devices and rest are vertical business applications. Experts believe that cross industry devices will be the next big thing in 2020. IOT

The IOT or internet of things is also called IOE or Internet of everything. Consist of all web enabled devices that collect, send and act on data they acquire from the surrounded environment using embedded sensors, processers and communication hardware. These devices are often connected to each other and they can communicate on the basis of embedded connection, it is called machine to machine communication, and act on the information they get from another. Humans can communicate with gadgets and instruct them to do tasks but here devices do most of the work without human intervention. This is made possible only with the help of tiny devices that are available today. This devices also generate lot of traffic and at the same time collects real time data.


-Mr. Dheeraj Kumar

-SITM Executive Education (Batch 2016)

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