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Just beat it – Presenting the Festival Flavour

The festival of Lights is on!!! Let me begin this post by wishing all my lovely readers a very happy Diwali.
It is that time of the year again when homes are all decked up sparkling with colours and sheen, the markets too are all dazzling with discounts both online and offline, bursting with customers ready to spend every possible bit from their disposable income on almost every possible category. The Indomitable consumer spirit is commendable given the financial upheaval, GST and other taxation issues facing the country.

Online it seems like a routine affair. As expected it’s raining discounts and freebies on Amazon, Pepperfry, Limeroad, Ajio, NykaTata Cliq, Flipkart, Uber, Ola and almost every existing e-tailer or aggregator. The communication too reflects the spirit.

That reminds me the Indian Fashion market is currently at $70 billion, by 2020 $ 30 billion of this market is expected to be digitally influenced. Reliance is already there with AJIO, Tata Trent has gone phygital with Tata Cliq.

An interesting piece of news however is that global favourite Zara is all set to venture into the online shopping space after almost 7 long years. Yes, it’s a tad late for the brand, but let’s hope that the brand gets a festive boost and a foothold in the market as well. More power to the Gucci’s, Dior’s, Gaps and Versace’s in the ongoing Festival season.

While offline I’ve observed the traditional wedding, market is not in a very happy mode. The taxation laws are to be blamed for it.Like I heard this Jaipur based jeweller on a news channel complain that people used to flock in from all over the country to buy SAFAS(traditional wedding turbans)and Rajasthani Jewellery for the wedding season,also ahead of Diwali and Navratri, but if reports are to be believed there’s a 50% dip (a jump from 5% to 18% in Tax) and hence a slowdown not only in the traditional wedding wholesale and retail market but also intThe Festive jewellery sale in particular,thanks to GST (though only a marginal 3% on gold). That has to an extent muted the season.

Contrary to the above, there seems to be an increased acceptability a rising trend and hence readiness in online jewellery shopping as the female segment is opening up to the idea for making purchases online and through mobile apps.That’s keeping brands like Caratlane (a tanishque partnership) and bluestone grinning. While Kalyan Jewllers, PC jewellers and other mighty players are showing a brisk growth with an Omni channel presence. Brands like Zaveri pearls, Estelle and other mall based costume Jewellers are also making the most of this festive season. So much so that an affordable colourful design jewellery which used to be very popular and easily available at street shopping arcades like Crawford Market, FC Road, MG road etc. is making brisk business online through amazon and Flipkart in an all new packaged avatar.

So where does this leave those typical categories known to pep up their communication budget and pulsate around the Festive season. Have they finally disappeared from the scene? Well here I have observed something interesting.
Brands are at their creative best cracking away to glory and at times going berserk over the competition trying to grab their share of the consumer’s wallet.My sense says that No matter which category the brands belong to, they are all too busy competing with a space which is not their natural straight competition.
With due credit to Maggie Hot & Sweet – It’sdifferent.

Asian Paints is all out with Royale Atmos and if you have seen the commercial the brand claims to be the first of its kind to have an activated Carbon technology to reduce harmful pollutants from the air reduces foul smells make the air fresher and after all this your homes appear beautiful too. Is that hinting at the Air purifiers instead of the Nerolac’s and Dulux’s. Interesting.

With two wheelers it’s getting quirky this festival season. While every second vehicle talks about mileage, colors, Price etc Bajaj Platina bike boasts of 20 per cent lesser jerks than major rivals, positioning the bike with a tagline – Jhatka Mana Hai.

Volkswagen has launched an auto carnival and BMW does not mind shedding its exclusive tag with an easy EMI this celebratory season. Clear trip, Make my trip and Yatra are happy selling their money back challenges. So who are we competing with?

Oppo V3 selfie expert in the mobile segment seems happier to be targeting the Nikons and Canons rather than the Nokia’s and Samsung’s with an obvious

Faster than the fastest – “Your Best Diwali Gift” kind of positioning. Canon bounces back with a “Come Together for great moments with Happy reunion trips” getting into the space of connecting people.

Lenovo(# Gift them a future Lenovo yoga 720)and Nokia (This Diwali give the best gift you can ever give, Yourself, # united for love)are left with no choice but to go all out and compete in the gifting space which was so much of a Cadbury’s celebration, Philips or for that matter a Haldiram bastion.

Britannia this Diwali decides to go the social way hitting at the emotional chord. The brand takes its vow of spreading smiles on social media with its new campaign for the flagship Brand Good day and it’s called # wonderfulls.In doing so the brand believes that the world will be a better place. I am surely curious to know what the oral care brands are thinking about these smiles?

Several Brands like Titan are being missed grossly on communication platforms. But one Brand that continues its legacy of creating nostalgia and an eternal association with the Festival of lights most invariably is Moti soap hitting the TVC space all over again.

The Behavioural shift is quite obvious this Diwali. Content is surely driving Brands which in turn are translating ideas into something more actionable and concrete.Competition has become versatile and indirect and looking more beyond obvious categories. All is Fair in Love and competition. Just Beat it
May the best Brands win!!! May you have a blockbuster Diwali 2017!!!

-Dr. Tripti Dhote

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  1. Avatar
    Nareshkumar Hegde

    Nice article ma’m! With lot of facts n figures. True, Festivals are the ball bearings of any economy. They make sure that wealth flows point to point in a systematic manner.

  2. Avatar

    Just beat It. Wow what an interesting title.. and the concept was equally interesting. Yes I agree with you in today’s times competition definitely exists beyond categories and festival time is just perfect to understand and analyse that. Kudos Dr Tripti. Amazing flair

  3. Avatar

    Nicely articulated with facts…gives a clear market picture. Festival can make or break sales for a company depending on how they pitch the product.

  4. Avatar

    Dear Maam,

    It is such a nice and wonderful article to read after a really long time.

    You mentioned absolutely correct with all the statistics that there has been a behavioral shift during any or all occasions. I believe that if a brand can reach its Target Group audience with a robust content and message through their respective channels, that alone will differentiate them from the bigger brands in the ecosystem.

    Let this Diwali be a fantastic one with more of lights and less of crackers!

  5. Avatar

    Hello ma’am,
    That’s an awesome article you have written. It is indeed so close to the today’s reality. The brand with the best identity, credibility, ability to connect people intellectually, motivating the folks and inspiring them will surely help them to scale heights and be the winner. 😊

  6. Avatar
    Dhiraj Kshatriy

    Yes ma’am I do agree with you on the point -,” My sense says that No matter which category the brands belong to, they are all too busy competing with a space which is not their natural straight competition” – Its all Rat Race.
    The behavioural shift is seen on both sides – consumers as well as brands.Certainly taxation has affected the over all market.But i guess Jewellery as a category will never see bad light here in India.Digital market is picking up but India has a long way to go as figures also state that more than 62% of India is still a country side and is not digitally equipped.the URL which experiences the largest and the most no of clicks and conversions in a day in India is IRCTC but at the same time its NOT been used by the majority of rural / country side consumers.
    But I must appreciate and agree to the fact that you have presented a very useful data on category-wise percentages.Great work and good article.Keep posting more articles so that we also get to use the data / facts and figures………Thanks & Regards,

    • Avatar

      Thanks ever so much Dheeraj for the insightful analysis. Coming from an industry person like you it is indeed very heartening for me as a faculty writer and researcher. I truly appreciate your observations. I also do agree with you that jewelry as a category will never see bad light but its just that the current taxation has brought in a little dip in sales as per industry experts. I myself purchased from carat lane online this festival, but yes as you rightly mentioned its still time before digital picks up. Thanks again.

  7. Avatar

    Nice blog

  8. Avatar

    Nice blog

  9. Avatar

    Nice article mam
    This article has covered many live scenarios happening to brand these days.Appreciating the effort taken to capture minute details in each sector.
    As a consumer I was confused while purchasing brands via online during Diwali sale. Nowadays more and more offers are being given by brands clubbed with e commerce and banking platform. The banks are targeting the consumer with cashbacks and reward points during the festive season. This made me compare the product in multiple e commerce website before proceeding with my purchase. Also to avail my discounts from bank I have purchased some extra product to reach the minimum transaction amount.
    Yes now the brands understand these trends and make strategies to attract the customers towards their product

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