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Know About the Exciting Events at SIDTM!

Time spent in college is an integral part of every individual’s life. When you are just beginning your college journey, you may realize that the entire world is your oyster. From meeting different people to participating in events and grabbing placement opportunities, the college offers you some of the most memorable experiences of your life. But what exactly enriches a student’s journey apart from classes, projects, and internships? Various college events. These are an essential part of any college since they engage students and provide them with a chance to showcase their talents. Symbiosis Institute of Digital and Telecom Management understands the importance of such events and conducts various activities that enhance a student’s learning experience.

SIDTM offers a vibrant campus life buzzing with activities and events throughout the year. Apart from academics, the institute focuses on the all-round development of the students by encouraging them to take part in various extra-curricular activities. The college has several committees that look after each event and execute them with great zeal. Along with events organized by the college, students have performed exceptionally well in National level events. Let us look at some of the events that SIDTM successfully conducts-

Communiqué – A flagship telecom seminar hosted by SIDTM for the stalwarts of the industry, Communiqué aims at enlightening students with pertinent industry knowledge. The institute believes in enhancing the academic knowledge offered by the curriculum with relevant market exposure. The event highlights the latest industrial disruptions and formulates a theme encompassing all the trends that have impacted the Telecom sector. Students learn to strategize effectively and make their presence felt amongst corporates and industry delegates. This helps them to build connections in the industry and acquire the necessary knowledge from subject matter experts.

E-Summit – Initiated by the Entrepreneurial cell of SIDTM in 2018, this flagship entrepreneurial conclave was launched to develop entrepreneurial instincts in the students. The summit provides students with the right stage to shift from formulaic thinking to unconventional roads. It encourages students to think beyond the traditional approaches and purvey to the needs of the ever-evolving business scenarios. The event also enables students to interact with corporate pioneers and entrepreneurs and gain useful insights through keynote sessions and panel discussions. Along with providing aspiring entrepreneurs with a brief overview on how to incubate their ideas into high impact business ventures, this event supports students with endless opportunities to build a successful career for themselves.

Aarambh – Conducted to engage students in fun activities and take a break from their hectic academic schedule, this event is organized by Symbiosis International University (SIU) and witnesses participation from all Symbiosis institutes. Students partake in various competitions during the event and showcase their talents and skills. Every year Aarambh comes with a strong message to change the future of the country and improve the environmental, social, ecological and cultural life. Organized by the E-Cell of SIDTM, this event witnesses students pouring their souls with impactful performances.

TEDxSIULavale – A significant event conducted by the E-Cell of SIDTM, TEDx features a suite of short, meticulously prepared talk and performances that are idea-focused. It presents various issues and a multifariousness of voices from many domains. The event aims at exploring new ideas, spurring imagination and encouraging innovation in students, thereby amplifying entrepreneurial abilities in them. With prestigious speakers and leaders from different walks of life sharing their experiences and stories, this event beautifully captures the varied colours of life, which often seem unclear and unheard of. These stories add a distinct dimension to the mundane thought process and rejuvenate young minds.

Apart from these exciting events, SIDTM also conducts alumni meets across various cities of the country. Alumni meets help students to gain valuable insights by creating awareness among the alumni about recent happenings taking place in the institute. The institute also conducts CSR activities under S.P.A.R.S.H to spread a message of charity and work towards the upliftment and betterment of the society. Several activities like blood donation camps, fun and food carnival, Swacch Bharat Abhiyan, Feed the Need and many more are taken place to create a socially inclusive society where each human can live with respect, dignity and be treated equally. The college students also organize a Pan-India event called the SymConnect, wherein they meet and have an informal interactive session with the young aspirants to clear their doubts regarding SNAP, GE-PIWAT process and also give them detailed information about the institute and the MBA life at SIDTM.

These amazing events help to shape the career of students by allowing them to explore hidden talents, gain useful insights into the industry and contribute to society. College fests and events also help in honing technical and interpersonal skills in students and enable them to develop soft skills like communication, leadership, multitasking and many more. SIDTM’s events are the most effective way of bringing students from all streams under the same platform, improve social interaction and promote the exchange of cultural ideas and thoughts. All in all, learning experience in SIDTM is not only about excelling in academic performances but also creating a vibrant campus life that is full of opportunities.

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