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Leadership Talk by Mr. Rahul Sasi on Career Progression- SIDTM

Leadership Talk by Mr. Rahul Sasi on Career Progression

Career Progression Session by Mr. Rahul Sasi

Symbiosis Institute of Digital and Telecom Management (SIDTM) organized a virtual hour of career progression session with Mr. Rahul Sasi, Founder & Chief Technology Officer at CloudSEK on 15th October 2020. He is an experienced leader in Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence. Mr. Rahul Sasi has authored more than 10 articles and whitepapers on topics related to the cybersecurity domain in leading international conferences. He was invited in more than 22+ countries to discuss his research and findings at leading international conferences. Before starting his own company CloudSEK, Mr. Rahul worked as a senior cloud information security engineer at Citrix for more than a year. He has a decade long experience in Information Security, Web Application Security, Penetration Testing, Security Audits, Cloud Computing, Malware Analysis, Vulnerability Management, and Ethical Hacking.

Topic: Career Progression in Consulting

Mr. Rahul Sasi shared his insights and valuable life experience as a seasoned expert in the cybersecurity domain. He asserted that every individual must follow their passion in life, one thing that he or she truly likes to do because that will stick with you throughout your life. Mr. Rahul explained how research is a key value to success and growth in life. He emphasized that learning is key and it opens a vast horizon of knowledge to an individual. Mr. Rahul shared the 10 lessons that he gained in the past decade in his life.

Ladder to Success

Mr. Rahul Sasi talked about how to overcome fears in life by pushing ourselves out of the comfort zone. He highlighted that every individual must push through doubts and insecurities because the day we stop doing that, it’s the moment you stop growing in life. One should not take no for an example. Rather than learn from failures and be ambitious in life. The biggest challenge is that with every push, one experiences short pains, but will see its results in long run.

The career progression session helped the students of SIDTM on how to shape our career in life as well as the growing trends in cybersecurity. The students were excited to have Mr. Rahul Sasi as an expert guest of our institute for the session.


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