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Leading A Student Committee Taught Me A Lot of Things At SIDTM

BATCH 2018-20 SPEAK – MR. SAHIL ITKAN | Chief S.P.A.R.S.H Team


A good decision at the right time always yields the most encouraging outcomes. I took one such decision to pursue my Master’s Degree in Business Administration, two years back. I was thrilled as this new chapter of my life was about to begin in one of the most prestigious universities and the best campus in the country.

The first year is primarily about maintaining a balance in personal, academic, and social life. Friends become family and teachers become your guardians; that’s the beauty of a residential program. In fact, I will always be grateful to my roommate for his invaluable help, guidance, and expertise throughout my journey.

Time Management is A Life Skill

Being in a business school demands you to work round the clock and ensures that you learn about rule 101 in an MBA that is ‘Time Management’. In the first month itself, we were grouped into our respective syndicates and soon after that, we got involved in the process of applying and being selected in various committees. I still recollect the good old memories of our first ever syndicate assignment. I owe it to this assignment because of which I met my best friend who became the biggest support system through-out my peregrination.

Learning in the Class and Outside it

Ask-outs, fresher’s party, flash mob, Ganapati pooja, and sports activities; all of these events, kept our batch both engaged and excited the whole year at SIDTM. Out of all these, my favorite is the ‘Fun n Food Carnival’. In my opinion, nothing can give you eternal happiness than good, flavorsome food. The food stalls have sumptuous food items ranging from sweet to spicy, giving an adventure to your taste buds and the fun stalls are lined up with various games, enjoyed equally by the crowd. The best part is that it is managed and run by students and the profits are handed over to NGOs for social betterment.

Student Driven Culture at SIDTM

I have always admired the student-driven culture adopted by Symbiosis Institute of Digital and Telecom Management as it provides an interactive experience to the students. Mohammed Ali has correctly said, ‘Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth’. I concur with the same ideology of wanting to contribute back to society and helping mankind in the best way possible. This is the reason why I joined the ISR (Institute Social Responsibility) wing of SIDTM, S.P.A.R.S.H.

Working as a Chief-coordinator under the supervision of Dr. Sujata Joshi, empowered me to learn fresh things and the old ones differently. Organizing distinct events in the institute has taught me to maintain my calm in different situations. The committee provided me with quite an exposure to establish meaningful multi-year relationships with the charitable organization and other stakeholders. Apart from this, working together with the junior and senior teams provided me with a lot of invaluable opportunities to showcase my leadership and team management skills. I have learned a lot from Sujata Ma’am in these two years. It is because of her mentorship that I got the ‘Best Chief of the year’ award.

All the best to the Batch of 19-21 at SIDTM

Adieus are always emotional, but it also marks the commencement of a new journey. My juniors gave me the most generous farewell and see-off that has probably never been done before. Those gifts they gave are more than just mementos, they are memories.

I hope the current batch and the forthcoming batch will have even more fun than we had. I pray that they achieve all the dreams and aspirations in life.



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