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Why I chose MBA(TM) even after M.Tech?

When I wished to pursue my MBA after my M.Tech in E&TC, the very first question that came to my mind was if I should do a general MBA or a niche MBA that better suits my skill sets and interests? The latter was my obvious choice, because an MBA in telecom would not only add on to my knowledge in the field but also help me to understand the business perspective of the technology. Also there is no industry in today’s time that can survive without technology. ICT has become an integral component of every industry- banking, healthcare, education, just to mention a few. The field of telecom and technology has become one that is never dying, just like food,education and travel. Techno-managers who understand the business as well as the technology used are valued in today’s industry.

SITM had to be my first choice with respect to MBA in Telecom, considering its excellent track record not only in India, but in the entire SAARC region. Coming to SITM has improved my understanding of the industry and also taught me to keep pace with the emerging technologies like IoT, 5G, AR, blockchain and a lot more. The dual specialisation of Systems & Finance has helped me to understand not only technology, but also get a holistic view in terms of finance, business, strategy, legality and others. What is fascinating is that I was spoilt for choice, when it came to choosing my specialisations from Systems & Finance, Marketing & Finance and Analytics & Finance. All three specialisations provide you with varied skill sets, so choose what interests you.

It is interesting to know that we have a mix of students from various backgrounds like engineering, arts, commerce etc. I always wondered if they would be able to cope up with the technical subjects. However that has never been the case, and if at all, I have only learnt from my fellow batch mates from varied backgrounds. For example, my understanding of how a technology like blockchain works in the banking industry has only been enhanced through interactions with the commerce background batch mates and vice versa. The curriculum provides a perfect blend of business aspects of technology through case studies, industry live projects, industry certifications and internships. It is designed in a way that suits the needs of students from all backgrounds. This is well supported by the fact that SITM alumni from non-engineering backgrounds are successful invaried industries like ICT, consulting, analytics, banking, healthcare etc. across continents.

It has indeed been a pleasant journey for me at SITM so far, one that tingles my knowledge buds.

-Vallabh Jagtap (2017-19)
MBA(TM) – First Year
Systems & Finance

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