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MBA From SIDTM After Graduation in Commerce



After completing my graduation in Commerce, I had the intention to pursue a general MBA. While I was looking up curriculums offered by various institutes, I came across SIDTM Pune. The concept of dual specialization wherein one could hone their skill sets in technology, management, and finance simultaneously, appealed to me. When I factored the number of disruptions in the business world that were caused by technology, it validated my decision to apply for this techno-managerial course of MBA-DTM (Digital and Telecom Management) from SIDTM.

Bridge Classes for Non-Tech Students is a Blessing

I was filled with great elation when I received news of my acceptance into the college. I arrived on campus with my baggage on 1st June 2018 and each day since has been a learning experience in one way or another. The constant barrage of assignments taught me how to manage my time, stress-level, and work in teams effectively. I attended bridge classes held for students belonging to non-technical backgrounds to familiarise us with technology fundamentals and solidify them.

The holistic experience of my learning has come through my association with the Telecom Business Review committee and the annual forecast magazine, Prévision (Yes both Tech and Non-tech students are given equal opportunities). They helped me become more responsible and accountable, a good communicator, and a multitasker, all the while building my understanding of the ICT industry.

College Events Teach You a Lot

Attending college events such as Communiqué, E-Summit, and TedX allowed me to witness eminent industry stalwarts sharing their knowledge and experiences which ultimately helped me broaden my thought process and outlook on various issues. I also had the opportunity to participate in the annual fundraiser organized by the ISR wing of our college and it was a truly emotionally rewarding experience.

I Pursued Analytics and Finance

Analytics and Finance, the specialization I pursued, helped me develop my critical thinking, data visualization, and presentation skills. I further got an opportunity to leverage and hone these skills during my summer internship with a renowned consulting firm. Being a fresher, this was my first step into the corporate world, the transition being eased by the dynamic curriculum and invaluable mentoring I received from my alma mater. The two key takeaways from my internship experience are being detail-oriented and confident.

As I stepped out of college for the last time, I realized that I was a markedly different version of myself from when I had first come to campus. The learning I received, both inside and outside of the classroom, from my teachers and my peers, led me on a journey of self-discovery and instilled in me the values of self-discipline, hard work, and conviction which will stand me in the years to come.







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