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SITM Success Stories – Vinoo Jacob (1998-2000 batch)


Mr. Vinoo Jacob (1998-2000 batch) Founder Director SenApps Ltd “The area of telecommunication and IT will not cease to disrupt and transform. During my two years at SITM, I was exposed to a lot of different areas from telecommunications, IT, Internet and ecommerce and software. The most valuable skill I ...

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Branding with Influencers: Deal Or No Deal?


Product Reviews and testimonials from actual buyers has become an important influencer for online buyers. Now just come to think of it, a professionally savvy expert who is not a reputed celebrity, but who is knowledgeable and experienced advices you on a product online, interacts with you, counsels you and ...

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Augmented Reality (AR) – Dream or Reality

Augmented reality marketing

As technology improves, the reality of augmented reality (AR) is finally getting real. AR technology superimposes a computer-generated image on a view of the real world, integrating both digital information and the user’s environment in real time. While virtual reality creates a completely artificial environment, AR uses the existing reality ...

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