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SIDTM Stepping Up on B-School Ranking Ladder

Rewinding a little back! A year ago, I was checking each available ranking and parameter to decide my target B-Schools. If the time machine has already been invented by now, I would traverse back a year and calm myself down that I was making the right decision by considering SIDTM. From that day and now, after going through an amazing admission process, the side has been changed, now I can take pride in the journey and success of SIDTM.

A Moment of Pride!

I had a feeling of jubilation while going through an article named Cradle of Leaders, posted on The Week – an Indian news magazine. In which, SIDTM is ranked 35th in all over India, covering both government as well as private B-Schools and 21st while considering private B-Schools of India as per a survey that has been taken in 2020, which went up concerning 2019. The factors of measurement are generally Placement, Curriculum, Return of Investment, Diversity, Network, etc. As they say “Nothing is permanent but change is permanent and positive change is success determinant”, SIDTM proved this well. Being a part of such an institution, witnessing it stepping up the B-Schools ranking ladder is a pure moment of peaceful joy!

Side Rails of the Ladder

While stepping up the ladder, one needs to take the support of side rails. Like this only, there are many factors of measurement in the ranking procedure and each one of them plays some role while stepping up. SIDTM takes care of every factor such as Curriculum, Network, Learning etc. Considering learning, SIDTM organized bridge classes of subjects such as Finance and Telecom to bridge the gap of students towards core subjects and make them ready for advanced learning. The curriculum is finely defined and agile enough to adopt the ongoing scenarios and demands of the market. SIDTM is having a vast network considering alumni, corporate relations, faculty members, visiting faculties etc. Regular guest lectures from alumni and other corporates and insightful events like Idea Station keep students motivated and not let them feel about missing something out from not being on campus. SIDTM knows how to make it memorable, insightful and minimize the distance between people, from distance. All these efforts towards maintaining academics and connecting people via various events are siding rails and helping SIDTM to step up on the ladder of B-School rankings.

To the Upcoming Batches!

For all those who are planning to do an MBA in near future, “Tough roads always lead to beautiful destinations”. I can feel, you checking rankings and parameters, jumping from one survey to other, setting up target B-Schools, preparing for examinations, but within few months you will be at the other side of the story, happy and proud of your right decision and celebrating the success. SIDTM is wishing you the best of luck!


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