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Staying positive together- A SIDTM Student’s Outlook

Staying positive together- SIDTM Batch of 2022 View


The Pune Lavale campus of Symbiosis Institute Of Digital And Telecom Management (SIDTM) is one of the most beautiful college campuses in India. Most of us have the road to the lush green campus engraved in our memories from the time we went there for our interviews. And receiving a call was like a dream come true. The excitement of going back to college and moving forward for a better future had us all counting days.

Although not even a month had passed and the pandemic made all the excitement take a nosedive. Even in such desperate times, SIDTM made sure that the spirits of the students were kept soaring high and the morale never took a dip. No stone was left unturned, be it the senior batch always going one step ahead in organizing interesting sessions with the esteemed alumnus of the college, the highlights of which were the motivating addresses from some corporate pioneers like Mr. Gaurav Modi (MD, Capgemini South East Asia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan), Ms. Archana Tayade (MD at Goldman Sachs), Mr. Ravindra Kelkar (Area VP-Citrix) to name a few of the star-studded induction schedule with the Hon’ble Chancellor Dr. S.B. Mujumdar, Hon. Pro-Chancellor Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar and Hon. Vice-Chancellor Dr. Rajani Gupte of Symbiosis International (Deemed University). In such a small duration of time, our batch is blessed to have learned from the esteemed faculties which indeed helped us in keeping a positive headspace.

We even got a chance to interact among ourselves as a batch and make new friends. Even though digitalization has become the new norm, we did not miss on the opportunities of interactions and gaining knowledge together with the help of our seniors, staff, and faculties through constant online interactive sessions.


As this is the first batch to witness the change, there are a lot of ifs and buts that come into our minds a lot of positives and negatives as well and we are all dealing with it in our ways and by helping each other as we go along the way. Having said that here are a few of my batchmates who are sharing how they are staying positive during these times of pandemic where it has become a necessity to self – motivate yourself:

Amrita Biswas says, “I couldn’t have been any happier. Finally, being accepted by one of the country’s finest Business school(s). Now I cannot wait to join and start with the exhilarating journey of my life. It is going to be a surreal experience to be on the beautiful campus. And I cannot wait to step out and learn with the best minds in the country and growing and prospering! Meanwhile, I am keeping myself motivated by creating a lot of art.”


Apoorv Sharma says, “This duration of lockdown provided us the luxury of enjoying the hobbies that one can do at home. I worked upon my music to keep myself positive and spread positivity through social media. I’ve actively used this time to learn Studio Editing, which I wanted to catch up on for a long time but couldn’t. I’ve been writing songs, playing my guitar, and even making music videos. It keeps me positive and motivated. And the one thing that I look forward to the most is to start my MBA life and be on the campus.”


Tanvi Gupta says, “For me, it’s just about taking one day at a time. The only thing we’re certain about is that we’re not going to give up! I’ve mostly spent this period whipping up some new recipes, focusing on self-care, and reading a lot of books. I’ve been enjoying a bit by getting creative through digital art too! I believe that doing the best in these moments will put you in the best place for the next moments.”


Purav Swain says, “As Charles Darwin said “It’s not the strongest or the most intelligent of the species that survives, but the one that is most adaptable to change,” I draw my strength from a similar line of thoughts. Also, the online sessions, give me the convenience of sitting at home, staying safe, and still being able to reap the benefits of physical classes. Meeting new people, attending MBA lectures, having mess food with friends, and going for evening stalls with friends is what I am looking forward to.”


Shubham Chandel says, “This pandemic made us realize everything can be changed, and adapting to the changes in this world is one of the most important aspects of learning. I have kept myself motivated by cooking. I have been cooking since class 8th and that gives me so much joy and happiness. I am hoping for the best and as excited as a 9 years old kid to be on campus and live a life I have always dreamt of.”


Richa Anmadwar added, “During this period, I picked up my sketchbooks and learned a new art form called mandala art, making these sketches while listening to music brings a sense of positivity in me, it’s a meditation for me. And every day I look forward to the new online lecture for the day to learn more and more while staying at home. And I am glad that even though everything is virtual as of now, I am still able to make new friends and interact with my batchmates.”


In between staying at home and the online sessions we as a batch are grateful and feel welcomed to the college (SIDTM) as our seniors provided us with a sense of belongingness. They have kept us active and involved with their online interactive sessions and meetings regarding various topics and finally, we had a fun session – “THE ICE-BREAKING SESSION” where we were divided into 16 different teams and were assigned fun tasks to perform. It not only made us think quickly on our feet but also ignited a sense of competitiveness and liveliness and it definitely broke the ice…!

I believe though the lectures and interactions have gotten restricted to the digital platforms only somewhere this has given us a chance to take things one day at a time and learn to adjust to this new life at our own pace. Now that we will have the experience of both virtual and physical classes, I think we will be completely ready to take on our role as future techno-managers.


Ayushi Singh SIDTM

Ayushi Singh
Batch (2020-22)

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