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TEDx SIU Lavale 2021

“Coz I am a seed tucked in; I’ll break this shell to become a tree you mark my word when I set sail, the world will watch, coz I’ll break free!”

With the captivating theme of “Break Free”, Symbiosis Institute of Digital and Telecom Management (SIDTM) Pune stepped into the 9th year ion hosting TEDxSIULavale n 2021 by thinking out  O (c)loud , breaking free from the shackles of darkness with a silver lining called “ideas”! In this cloud 9 moment, SIDTM is proud to carry forward the legacy and embrace the fragrances of unique ideas worth spreading.

“Stay motivated and be excited!”

The event beautifully unfolded and kickstarted with a short video of the TEDx event. The amazing hosts, being the charioteers took the audience into an awe-inspiring ride of this wonderful event. 

“Simple ideas are often hard and brands need to consistently strive to walk that path.”

The first speaker who initiated the event was Mr. Sahil Shah, Chief Business officer  at Wat Consult with thirteen years of diverse communication experience, in the social and digital marketing space. He talked and demystified one of the most fascinating trends that has hit the digital marketing and advertising space – Moment Marketing. He spoke a great deal about the importance of moment marketing and talked about the greatest and the latest works that the brands have been doing by drawing some incredible examples of Oreo, Nike, Paytm, Amul, Flipkart, Mac Donald’s, Zomato and many other brands. He spoke about the ideas that go behind the moment marketing campaigns about pre-planning, dedicated teams, active digital listening. At the end, he interacted with us and inspired us by taking us through his inspirational journey of him being in a place where he is today amidst all the chaos in life.

“If you make your passion your profession you will never have to worry a single day in your life”

The next speaker on the cloud was Mr. Julius Packiam, the National Award-winning music director, who was associated with the industry for 35 years and also known for his noteworthy background scores for many famous Bollywood movies. He spoke about “Invisible waves, Visible Effects” with a wonderful clip from the movie “Tiger Zinda Hai” and how the scene made sense with a background score. He gave a brief history of the film scores and background music through Silent Era, Big Jazz brands, James Bond themes, and how it reshaped today in terms of its sound palette. He gave us an idea about how instrumentation is needed for scoring the film and how programming is done on computers which sounds very real. He ended his Ted Talk with his brief journey about how his passion for pursuing music helped him to get the right opportunity in Mumbai and take it up as his career. 

“A book is a roof of imagination, meaning, sensing and you can stay inside it forever.”

Rochelle Potkar, the Indian fiction writer and poet was the third speaker that the hosts introduced to the audience. She spoke so beautifully about a book stating that it is nothing but a library of world views, past, present, and future archives, and all the stories of times, alternate histories, and perceptions. She gave her views about the earlier writing systems, and how stories make all of us identify with all the knots unfurled into seamless threads and new knots formed the very next day. She insisted on making family book clubs and family reading time and family libraries using technology. While interacting with her, she indicated how people are the greatest books that could be transformed into characters.

“Great stories happen to those who tell them”

The next speaker was Mr. Indranil Chakraborty , a communication specialist,  a pioneer in business storytelling and the founder of Story works and the author of some of the National Bestsellers. He narrated two stories about doctors based in the 1800s and how both the doctors had data and yet they did things differently and how Dr. John Snow had reported the death and supported it with his data while Dr. Samuel Wise was just throwing the data and like this way he elaborated on the power of storytelling. With a brilliant exercise, he demonstrated to take the anecdotes behind the data and with that set of contexts, how decision comes much faster our way with the power of stories used with data.

“Art is a means of expression to connect and visualise the world in contrasting ways!”

The last speaker in the house was Mr. Santanu Hazarika an illustrator and a Doodle artist who holds the record of winning the Red Bull World Doodle National Championship in 2014 in Cape Town, South Africa. He gave a brief journey about his background and how doodling helped him to break free from many stereotypes and how it turned into a system of discipline and a design form working towards everything and reaching unfathomable heights. While interacting, he explained how doodling inspired him with a compelling wave of new ideas and how it has become a form of illustration and expression for him with no boundaries around it.

After five amazing sessions, a vote of thanks was presented towards the student committees and our esteemed faculties without the competent leadership of whom it would have been impossible to conduct such a magnificent event. The MOCs and the hosts were incredible and were thoroughly enjoyable with their witty dialogues and their vibrance kept the audience glued to their seats undoubtedly. Our esteemed faculty and mentor, Dr. Tripti Dhote Ma’am ended the session with a vote of gratitude to all the amazing speakers and the entire team for enriching this ideation platform and break free from this gloom. The hosts then signed off the event on a jovial note with more TEDx events to come and amaze us in near future.

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