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Webinar – 5G Basics By Mr. Pruthvee Sheth. Batch of 2004-2006

Webinar – 5G Basics. Delivered by Mr. Pruthvee Sheth, Alumnus of Batch 2004-2006

On Saturday, August 29, 2020, SIDTM was privileged to host a short virtual hour of learning in collaboration with one of our esteemed alumnus Mr. Pruthvee Sheth, Batch (2004-2006), on the topic ‘5G Basics’. Mr. Pruthvee Sheth, Customer Success & Global Alliances at Alepo Technologies has more than 15 years of industry rich experience with a variety of organizations such as Sterlite Tech, Wipro Infotech, Tech Mahindra, and SunTec Business Solutions. Sir has functional and domain experience in telecom communication technologies, cross-session management, Wi-Fi Service Management, Mobile Data Offload, Wi-Fi Monetization, IT Services Management, Managed Services, Consulting, Data Analytics Solutions, Smart City Solutions, and COTS Products.

5G and the world at large

5G is going to be one of the world’s significant and groundbreaking technology, so it is worth understanding it right now. SIDTM, has been the leader in nurturing the future Managers and leaders in Digital and Telecom sector since 1996. The main agenda for the webinar was to understand the basics lying under this technology. Mr. Sheth started with the basics where he explained how the cellular networks have evolved over the years. From 1G to 5G how the network and the technology behind it have advanced to better serve the consumers. 4G-5G terms mapping was also explained such as UDM, CHF, AMF, etc. Sir also explained the new radio frequencies used by 5G and how it uses an additional spectrum in the current LTE frequency range to expand on the abilities of 4G.


Sir mentioned various use cases such as online gaming, 4K or 360-degree video streaming, AR/VR applications, autonomous vehicles, and IoT use cases that require high data rates, ultra-reliable low latency connections, and massive machine-type communications to enhance performance that is provided by 5G. He also explained edge computing in 5G, private 5G network, and 5G network slicing. The session was indeed an insightful one. Mr. Sheth ended the session with an interactive QnA session which brought forth various doubt students had regarding 5G.

Key Takeaways

The webinar was an insightful and thought-provoking session which showed us that this new era of technological advancement is just getting started. It explained how the network slicing new architecture and innovations allow more options for computing. The discussion gave us the perspective on how the 5G network will help to build the future we all looking forward to. Lastly, as students, we not only had an opportunity to interact with an industry professional such as Mr. Pruthvee Sheth but also got invaluable lessons effectively and engagingly.


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