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Vishal jain

Webinar: A Step Before Your First Step

Interactive Session by Mr. Vishal Jain, SIDTM Alumnus, Batch of 1999-2001

Topic: A Step Before Your First Step

The Alumni Relations Committee of Symbiosis Institute of Digital and Telecom Management held an interactive session with one of our star alumni, Mr. Vishal Jain, Partner & Digital Risk Leader at Deloitte India. He has more than 15 years of experience in the field of risk advisory in the technology sector. Mr. Vishal Jain specializes in telecom technologies, digital risk, crisis management, data privacy, business resilience, and cybersecurity. He worked for 15 years in EY in the field of cybersecurity and data privacy before his current preoccupation.

Digital Enablers, A solution to all problems?

The topic of the interactive session with Mr. Jain was a step before your first step. Mr. Jain firstly addressed the key ongoing issues in these days of coronavirus pandemic, unemployment, and economic crisis. Mr. Jain with his staggering experience asserted that the coronavirus has brought a huge change in the balance of the corporate world. The wave of digital transformation has started to ascend upon industries. All industries, whether be it an ICT or an FMCG industry, are witnessing a huge change in the culture, as well as infrastructure.

Digital and Telecom have become the underlying base layer which are business enablers. It’s time for industries and organizations to use digital tools and solutions to their advantage. According to Mr. Jain, integration of an organization’s current business model with digital enablers will open doors to new business opportunities and innovation. Even though coronavirus pandemic has slowed down industries, but using digital infrastructure will certainly help industries and organizations to bounce back and get back in the corporate hemisphere.

Unlearning to Learn

Industries are realizing that a lot of their business processes could be digitized. More often than not, they might have an existing tool that could be refactored to be used. Mr. Jain laid special emphasis on the fact that earlier businesses would consider a process, a market, a product, or a site for risk mitigation and business continuity. None of the businesses were prepared for such a risk which effected every process, every market, and everyone. This has thrown a brilliant opportunity for the Digital and Business risk business and would only see growth from here.

Mr. Jain also highlighted the demand for Digital Security professionals. With more digital transformation projects and Work From Home (WFH) mandates, more industries are exposing them to various risks. Security professionals would be needed to protect the organizations from such risks.

Career Guidance to the SIDTM Students

Mr. Vishal Jain marvelously guided the students of SIDTM towards the placements and job opportunities in these unparalleled pandemic times. He emphasized on the fact that with the uptake of Digital in all sectors and industries, SIDTM students have an advantage against their peers and an opportunity in all sectors. Students with a background of Commerce can target Fintech and Banking sector, students with Mechanical background will be able to target the Automobile and Smart car sector and many more.

This interactive session was insightful for the batch and myself personally. It helped us to understand the ongoing change in the corporate ecosystem and how to take it positively and guide ourselves and ace in life.

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Abhiraj Kumar Saha,

Batch 2019-2021, SIDTM

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