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Webinar- Career Progression in Business Analytics and Data Science for MBAs

Career Progression in Business Analytics and Data Science for MBAs

Mr. Amit Kumar Kushwaha is a proud SIDTM alumnus, Batch 2009-2011. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. at IIT Delhi. He has completed his master’s research on Machine learning at IIT Delhi in 2016. He has hands-on experience as a Consultant and has previously worked with Fidelity Investment in the field of Digital Marketing and Model governance Practices. He also worked at Accenture AI on Online Deep Dive modeling for an American multinational telecommunications corporation and Long- and Short-term impacts by marketing vehicles for one of the world’s largest Retail chain as well as with AbsolutData Analytics, where he built a Bayesian Model to calculate ROI of marketing levers for Asia’s largest media house.

Data Science Pathways post an MBA

Mr. Amit shared his valuable experience in the fields of analytic and data science and how Data analysis has changed over the years. During his discussion, he focused on the skills required by the individual for a successful professional career and emphasized on how Data analysis is not just a subject but also a life skill. He explained the importance of communication skills, analyzing information. He also elaborated on steps to analyze data and the importance of data management, understanding consumer mind-set, and consumption power of consumers. He explained how to gain real-time insights and how to develop an understanding of these insights while understanding who all are the stakeholders involved and understand how the customers are perceiving the product.  He helped students to gain knowledge about Data Science, Business Intelligence, Data Mapping, and Machine Learning. Mr. Amit shared about how we can now easily obtain data and quality data sets, he later shared a few data point regarding social media analytics and digital marketing.

Mr. Amit explained possible career paths for students interested in the subject and how students can pursue a career in analytics and shared information on how to develop CVs and about relevant skills. He concluded the informative session with a QnA and discussion with students.

Written by Sanika Gokhale

Batch 2019-2021


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