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COVID-19’s Impact on Consumption and Delivery of IT Services SIDTM

Webinar- COVID-19’s Impact on Consumption and Delivery of IT Services

COVID-19’s Impact on Consumption and Delivery of IT Services- Mr. Siva Kumar



The smart use of technology is an integral part of success in almost any business today!

In line with the changing trends, Symbiosis Institute of Digital and Telecom Management, Pune has constantly strived to keep its students abreast with the latest industry trends. Batch (2019-21) and Batch (2020-22) of the institute, recently got an opportunity to interact with the IT industry expert Mr. Siva Kumar VS on the topic ‘COVID-19’s impact on consumption and delivery of IT services’. Mr. Siva Kumar is the Senior Director at Cognizant Infrastructure Services. He has eleven years plus experience at Cognizant, where he has worked in various capacities as a North America Solution Group Lead – Cloud and Infrastructure services, Solutions Director and Director- IT Infrastructure Services.


Mr. Siva Kumar VS shared his valuable experience in the industry. He discussed how the business operations have changed and the others who are still adapting to the change because of COVID-19. The session emphasized on the increased digital and remote business operations and also the remote workforce, cost optimizations were explained and discussed in great detail. He explained various terms and recent developments in the IT sector and the representative impact of IT services in a Bank where he presented a comparative study of IT services like Customer-Facing Applications, Marketing Applications, Enterprise, Workforce, and collaboration Applications during the pre- COVID era, the current scenario, and the expected post-COVID scenario. He later helped students analyze how the companies have shifted their priorities in various fronts like access management, data privacy, security, social media impact etc.

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Sir also discussed various priorities in the IT industry and the importance of understanding the customer mindset as well as how the businesses are operating. He also helped students to understand how to view any opportunity and how to make the most of it. He explained terms like cost optimization, budget reprioritization, various Digital Transformation various digital sales platforms, reconfiguration of the supply chain, and the increased importance of digital marketing in industries all over the world in current times.


Mr. Siva Kumar VS also discussed various opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in the IT Sector considering the COVID-19 scenario and motivated the student to upskill them so as to be the best fit in the industry of their choice. The discussion was followed by an interactive QnA session with students. The session was indeed an insightful one and we got to know the nitty-gritty of the sector in a very organized way.


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