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Webinar on A progressive approach to transform post-pandemic turnarounds into opportunities

Webinar on A progressive approach to Transform post-pandemic turnarounds into opportunities

By Mr. Amanpreet Singh


To keep the Covid-19 lockdown interesting and productive, SIDTM is organizing webinars for students. People who are pioneers in their respective fields are invited to enlighten the students with the help of their experience, one such webinar was organized on 6 June 2020.

Mr. Amanpreet Singh is the founder of F13 Technologies, he is a recipient of Indian Achiever’s Young Entrepreneur Award. He was also nominated for National Entrepreneurship Awards 2018. He completed his B.Tech in Computer Science and started F13 Technologies in 2016.

F13 Technologies is an IT company, primarily into ed-tech providing educational institutions with exceptional access to opportunities to enhance their admissions, placements, branding and to keep pace with the emerging technologies that enrich students and build their institutional success.

Mr. Amanpreet Singh joined students of batch 2019-21 via web streaming to talk about developing an approach to transform post-pandemic turnarounds into opportunities. This session began with a discussion on the impact of the pandemic on jobs and how one can draw opportunities in these unprecedented times.

A Progressive Approach

Mr. Amanpreet explained a progressive approach that demonstrates what an opportunity is and once a person finds out that opportunity acceptability factor must kick in which means that one must remain ready for whatever opportunity comes at him. Then comes responsibility towards that opportunity followed by the capability to execute that opportunity. Then comes the applicability of one’s capabilities to get the desired outcome. The most important aspect of this approach is communicability and most of the people fail at this because they can’t properly communicate their approach and this leads to a less productive working scenario.

Demonstrability is also a part of this approach where one should keep on adjusting oneself with new ways, new ideas about which people are skeptical. And this is where one can achieve better employability.

Innovation in Management

This part was basically divided into 3 comprehensive subparts thoroughly explained by Mr. Amanpreet.

  • Capabilities: What an organization is capable of doing?
  • Structures: Continuously evolving organization structures.
  • Strategy: Strategy to convert that capability into outcome.


Sir explained how to map these 4 aspects which make innovation and management easier.

Approach redefined

Sir also explained in detail about the important points given below:

  • Connect with senior leadership
  • Talk about work/Worry about work
  • Strategize
  • Adapt punctuality and flexibility
  • Working smart
  • Horizontal coalition
  • Show your future perspective

How one can set oneself out in the job market?

Towards the end of the webinar, sir discussed about the steps one must take to stand outside the crowd in the post-pandemic time.

  • Network
  • Communicate
  • Persuade
  • Influence
  • Negotiate
  • Accomplish

A simple mantra to achieve heights of success throughout the career and move towards more productive and nurturing job opportunities.

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Batch 2019-2021

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