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Alumni Webinar SIDTM- Digital Transformation

Webinar on Digital transformation in ICT world in the post Covid era

Webinar on Digital transformation in ICT world in the post Covid era

By Mr Niladri Dutta


In these uncertain times, learning can be a difficult task, keeping this in mind The Alumni relations team of SIDTM along with the Placements and corporate interface team and the Acads team has started a series of webinars featuring our esteemed alumni to turn this unprecedented time into a learning opportunity. SIDTM has a rich base of over 2300+ alumni working in various organizations across the world. The second such session was conducted on May 2nd, 2020 by Mr. Niladri Dutta, from the batch of 2003-2005.

Mr. Niladri is a Business executive, Advisor, Speaker and Mentor and is currently working at a big consulting firm. He initially started as a Business process architect at Tech Mahindra post which he has worked at numerous prestigious organizations like Siemens, Connectiva Systems, PwC and IBM. He has over 15+ years of experience in the consulting domain and he has worked as a process consultant, business and functional process consultant, telecom consultant; Industry Solution Consultant, SME around Telecom Billing and Revenue Management, Order to Cash processes, Pre-Sales and Solution design; Digital Transformation, TMT (Telco/Media/High-tech) and Cyber risk and advisory other business areas throughout the timeline.

Digital Transformation in a Post Covid World

Alumni Webinar SIDTM- Digital Transformation

Mr. Niladri Dutta was invited to give his valuable insights into Digital transformation in the ICT world in the post Covid era. This lecture revolved around 3 questions which are,

  • What digital is all about
  • What is your point of view of digital or Digital Maturity Assessment (DMA) framework
  • Operationalization of digital technology, or how it is executed

The lecture began with a discussion on what digital is and moved on to the journey of digital transformation. Discussion took place on how times have changed and how companies have gone from push to pull-based model and how legacy-based organizations are struggling to adapt to the new digital working environment where challenger or newcomer has an advantage. Then, the discussion moved towards the telecom industry and Mr. Dutta discussed the recent changes in telecom operators and where they have digitalized. Mr. Dutta also provided us with insights on how telecom infrastructure is not being fully utilized by the telcos and how it affects their overall efficiency.

The discussion veered towards the 3 stages of digital transformation wherein Stage 1 is digital marketing transformation, Stage 2 is Company-wide digital transformation and Stage 3 is Class-leading via digital transformation. He discussed the fundamental difference between legacy and digital businesses and explained about pipeline and platform drive businesses. The Digital Maturity Assessment (DMA) framework which basically tells an organization about where it stands in its digital transformation journey and moved on to explaining the dimensions or the pillars in the DMA framework.


The session really helped the students evaluate the business opportunities and shortcomings in a post-Covid world. We learned about the various parameters that would help a business progress in the Digital business model.

Written By

Swapnil Dalal

Batch 2019-2021


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