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Webinar on Telecom Data Analytics

Webinar on Telecom Data Analytics

Mr. Nikhil Surangalikar is a proud SIDTM alumnus, Batch 2002-2004. He is currently working as a General Manager at Vodafone Idea Ltd. He has over 9+ years of experience with Vodafone Idea Ltd. Initially, he started as an Assistant System Analyst at Tata Consultancy Services where he was part of the solution designing and vendor management team. He has also worked at Virtusa as a Business Consultant where he was associated as an onsite program manager for BT Retail Beta program as well as Virgin Mobile India as Business Solution Manager, managing customer’s expectation and implementation of functionality impacting OSS/BSS domain.

Mr. Nikhil Surangalikar was invited to give an online guest lecture to give his valuable insight on Telecom Data Analytics. The lecture started with him explaining the use and importance of data analytics in telecom and how the analytics centered business formed the new basis of competition, data warehousing in telecom and how both predictive and prescriptive analysis can be used. He went on to explain the BI architecture and Big Data architecture and how data analysis sources come from OSS/BSS. He explained how the Covid-19 epidemic has affected the telecom industry and how it is going to impact the industries in the future. He explained how with the use of stats like teledensity and churn the consumer plans were changed and how after the introduction of CDMA the rates witnessed a sharp fall.  He also explained the international calling case in which how they used data analytics to find the probable customers who were going abroad in the next 3 weeks and using this they suggested some plans for the customer which in turn increased the revenue of the company. He also elaborated on the basics of telecom analytics, social network analysis, the evolution of telecom services in India, data analysis using Cognos cubes, deriving insights, and factors regarding CAPEX. He also provided his insights on how Big Data and 5G will massively revolutionize the Telecom industry.

Mr. Nikhil gave us insight into how the Novel Corona outbreak has affected various industries and how there is a positive and negative side of this epidemic. He concluded the session with an informative QnA in which students put forth their questions and gave their perspective on the current situation.

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Batch 2019-2021

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