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Webinar: Redefining Consumer Perception: Evolving Behavior Patterns

Webinar: Redefining Consumer Perception: Evolving Behavior Patterns

At SIDTM, faculty cares about students and works on to give the best that they can manage and learn through. Be it a domain-specific or in general. They always try to bring an expert with experience.
On 17th May 2020, Mr. Bedraj Tripathy, CEO Unbox Spaces, was invited by the faculty for Virtual Interaction with the Students of Marketing specialization. The topic he chose for the interaction was “Redefining Consumer Perception: Evolving Behaviour Patterns”. Mr. Bedraj has vast experience of more than 20 years in Indian as well as international markets such as Europe, USA, Southe East Asia, and Middle East Asia and worked across the domains such as Integrated Marketing, Interactive Marketing, and communications. He has also headed the largest interactive venture of FCBUlka. He is currently incubating a startup, UnboxSpaces, which is developing living spaces with old shipping containers for developing rapid housing infrastructure.

The session was moderated by SIDTM Marketing Faculty, Dr. Tripti Dhote. The session was roughly divided into two parts, one for the discussion on theory-based concepts centering consumer behavior. Bedraj sir discussed concepts like Risks, Bias, Perception, perceived quality, changing consumer behavior, and influence of technology on his changing behavior. Sir very precisely used the examples of brands and how they use the concepts for evolving their products. The examples he used made us understand the concepts so well and the bookish based concepts looked so easy and interesting. That’s what we call the language of experience.
There is a saying. You have questions when you understand the topic. No wonder, the session was flooded with questions from students. The second part automatically becomes a question-answer session between students and Bedraj Sir. The questions were there on every concept we discussed, and sir answered them so precisely.
And how can the discussion be completed without discussing the COVID-19? Effect of COVID-19 and effects on the consumer, and on Markets, and how it would lead to change the Consumer behavior was well and thoroughly discussed. All in all, an expansive two-hour session ended with all questions satisfied and a new perception about the changing world.

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