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Anshika vaishnavi

Why Did I Choose SITM Post 3 Years In An IT Company

MBA From SITM After 3 Years in IT

You know when your life is going perfectly well and then suddenly one day you decide to “switch”. Yes, the very daunting word around which all careers revolve and these conversations are probably the best gossips you ever get in corporate life. Anyway, you decide it’s not the end and you want to take charge of your life. Well, I am no different than you and I had the same awakening last year. I decided I was made for better things and how could a person like me just be an IT professional all her life? A change, a new beginning is all I was looking for!

A 24-year old girl living her life independently with a decent job….what could go wrong? Everything! Sometimes everything good is just too boring. Sometimes everything good can be made better. Sometimes everything good should not be enough!

I come from an Engineering background and after that, I worked for almost 3 years in the IT sector.  Blah…blah, I know the same description every second Indian can give you and it is boring. A lot of people switch careers, domains, job profiles and yeah…it’s common. But it takes a lot of courage to admit to your deep self that you are giving up what you worked so hard for. It’s a risk…a big one and no one prepares you for it.

When I broke the news to my parents that I had decided to appear for MBA exams, they were shocked. They did not want me to disrupt my ‘settled’ life of 3 years and their worst fear was about to come true. Marriage. I had a decent job, about to touch 25 years of my life and of course, according to them, the only thing left to do with my life was to marry. In India, marriage is something u don’t plan for, your parents do!


Believe it or not, I went to write SNAP without telling them.  The results were declared after a month and I had not got such a good score. The most ‘sought after’ college was out of the question and I was about to give up when my friend suggested me to review other colleges as well.  When I checked the other few names that came across, there was one that caught my eye – SITM (Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management). I was from Telecom, I wanted to do Management. Both words made sense to me. But why Telecom in a business management institute? I had no clue.

I started researching…and what I found out was something very different. This institute caters to the entire ICT domain, not just telecom as in the institute name. Their objective is simple…creating leaders who are strong in both managerial and technology-related skills. In layman language, they make you a Technomanager and I don’t need to tell you how much that is valued in the present industry. This is the “in” thing. I was a little convinced but not entirely because let us be honest, the first thing we look for in a B-schools is P-L-A-C-E-M-E-N-T-S and that’s what I checked next. Job profiles, packages, companies…everything is crystal clear on the website! There are no mysteries and no hidden meanings (which is usually the case with many B-schools). I was more than satisfied looking at the figures and this comes from a person having 3 years of job experience with a pretty much decent salary.

I Fell in Love With The Campus

Apart from this, the college produces nearly 4-5 publications every year along with research papers. I had never seen such a holistic approach being provided by any other B-school. I needed no more motivation. I applied to college and waited. A few days went by and I got an interview call from the institute. I decided to tell my parents then. They were not happy but decided not to tell me anything till I could secure my admission to the college. I appeared for GEPIWAT on 16th Feb and that is the first time I visited this beautiful Symbiosis campus situated at Lavale.  The whole campus is enormous and lavishly surrounded by trees. The moment you enter the gate, u feel u are entering a foreign university. Meeting the well-groomed students of SITM during the interview process made me feel more confident about my decision.

Decisions are hard to take, harder when you have to give up stability and take a risk. I got selected for admission and made up my mind to go for it. It took me 2 long weeks to convince my parents but finally, they understood that this is what I wanted and supported me. Many people asked me to try again next year and get into one of the premier colleges. But what most people forget is that that there are good colleges apart from the premier B-schools which might not be having a tag. Most people end up giving up a good opportunity for namesake. Is it worth it? I did not want to make the mistake of giving up a good college and an entire year just for the tag. I was not willing to follow the crowd…not this time.

For once, I would do something unique. For once, I took the stand and for once, I became the master of my fate.

I joined SITM in June 2019 and I would not lie, the past one month has been a roller-coaster, ups and downs, pressure and fun moments but I can tell you this for sure that even in this one month, I already feel like a better and improved version of myself.

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