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bipasha rajkhowa

Why Is SITM the Best Choice For an Electronics and Communications Fresher?

Why Is SITM  For an Electronics and Communications Fresher?

A Few months back from now I often used to wonder in which college I will be, in the next few months. It was a period of mixed feelings. I remember being anxious as well as excited at the same time thinking about it. Usually, this gave me the feeling of a surprise waiting for me in the next few months. The pressure of applying for the best colleges and to make sure you don’t miss any, followed by appearing in various entrance tests and then anxiously waiting for their results, this cycle seems to be a nightmare to me even now. Being a B.Tech graduate in Electronics and Communication, I thought I must also apply for SITM because there are very few colleges in India that offer a similar course and SITM seemed to be the best ranked in India.

Applying for the right colleges

Applying for the right colleges was such a difficult task as you don’t want to miss out on any. Which colleges are you applying for? Have you done proper research about the colleges?  These were some of the questions I faced from my family and friends and so will anyone of you when you are in the same scenario. I remember spending hours searching more about the colleges I thought of applying to and so will anyone of you because just like everyone else I too wanted to land up in a good place. SITM being one of them was not an exception.

Just like many of you out there, one of the very first things I wanted to know was the scenario of placements. SITM showed a record of 100% placements for many years which triggered me to know more about it. Most importantly SITM has a very good average package both for fresher and laterals. Being a fresher these numbers really pleased me. The number of companies visiting the college for recruitment every year was impressive. These companies had a range of the Top IT, ITes, consulting and BFSI companies in India.

Best Courses Suited for Digital Industry

The next thing I searched for was the specializations and courses SITM offered. SITM said to offer 3 specializations which are systems and finance, marketing and finance and analytics and finance which was introduced 2 years back. I also went through the courses and found them to be very market-oriented. Most importantly I found out that apart from the regular courses SITM offers many value-added programs such as ITIL Foundation, EMC-cloud computing, EMC-Information Storage Management, etc.

Campus Life at SITM

Apart from the academics the most important thing I wanted to know about campus life and the various events of the college. The pictures of Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations, glimpses of Aarambh, the cultural fest and also the sports events were a sight to behold. Apart from these fun-filled events, SITM also hosts the International Telecom Seminar- Communiqué which is its flagship event. This event every year is graced by various highly respectable corporates and so this seemed to be a strong opportunity to have an insight into the corporate world. SITM also hosts one of the most popular Ted X every year. We all know how interesting the Ted X event is and thinking of being able to be a part of it was really mesmerizing for me.

Academics is not about studying but lots of Technical Publications

On browsing through the website I also came across its technical publications of the students which are the Prévision- the annual telecom forecast magazine, the Telecom Business Review and the Prayukti. The level of interest among the students to develop their technical knowledge really amazed me.

Strong Alumni

The glimpse of SITM’s alumni was a boost to my decision of choosing SITM. The alumni base of 2300+ scattered in various domains such as ICT, telecom, BFSI, etc. I could also see the strong connection the college has maintained with its alumnus which is very necessary to build a strong network. Seeing the alumni of the college in such good positions was an assurance to me at that time of confusion.

Beautiful Campus

And last but not the least the images of the beautiful campus stole my heart away. The large green field, the swimming pool, the well-equipped gym, various indoor game facilities was a cherry on the cake. When I actually got the call letter I couldn’t express my happiness of being a part of this breathtaking campus.

Genuinely, SITM was one of my shortlisted colleges but not my first choice. I somehow couldn’t make it to my first choice but when I analyzed all the factors among the colleges I got a call from, SITM offered me all that I wanted. It was very confusing at that point of time and equally important to make the right choice. SITM assured me to offer what the corporate world wants today. SITM not only develops managers but TECHNO MANAGERS, and I don’t think there would be anything better than the place where I can develop both my technical as well as management skills. It has been about a month and a half since I joined SITM and I think my choice of SITM was surely the right one. The way we have been molded here since day one says it all.

I strongly believe whatever happens is for a reason and that particular thing is apt for you. Maybe at that point, it might seem to be confusing but it is up to you how you can make the most out of what you have. Are you guys excited and nervous at the same time? Confused about which college to choose? I would suggest why not be a part of the rare…a part of SITM? I am excited for this roller coaster ride for the next two years and have made it a point to make each moment of it worth remembering.



Bipasha Rajkhowa

Fresher  B.E. Electronics and Communications


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